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erbaceous™ by CanGenX™

proudly brought to you by CanGenX™ BioTech,  erbaceous™ is your premier seed brand for the home market

all of our seed are 'regular' and stabilized, which means that you will have both true to type female and male seed in the package

here is a link on how to tell the difference

our parent material is also tested for viruses and viroids to prevent introducing any unwanted issues

this is where we post information to keep you up to speed with our latest releases and locations

K 1 L I M A N J A R O

we are happy to introduce the first seed line released from erbaceous™ 

a tribute to the snow topped summit of africa's highest peak

K 1 L I M A N J A R O was bred for some of the more rare and medically active cannabinoids such as THCV and CBG

(genetic heritage: cherry pie, black domina, nigerian - f5)

K 1 L I M A N J A R O

the first release in our M O U N T A I N series is a unique african strain that loves the outdoors

a distinct cheese aroma of the cured crop from beta-caryophyllene, alpha-humulene, and beta-myrcene combined with the flavours of limonene, beta-ocimene, alpha and beta pinene, and terpinolene contribute to a smooth taste with a slightly bitter finish

this plant will grow on the larger side and you can expect dark purple colouring as flowering finishes with a 9-11 week indoor flowering period

K 2 - C H H O G O R I

the second seed line from erbaceous™ is named

K 2 - C H H O G O R I

an outdoor hybrid giant with a peak THC of 28%

(genetic heritage: blueberry, shoe polish, durban poison - f6)

K 2 - C H H O G O R I

the second release in our M O U N T A I N series is an ultra-rare outdoor hybrid behemoth
a beautiful plant with light green colouring and tones of blue that darken to purple close to harvest
K 2 - C H H O G O R I was bred for mold resistance and CBG (~2%)
a strong nose with a thick fruity aroma from beta-myrcene and trans-ocimene terpene profiles
9-10 week flowering period for indoor growers

D 3 N A L I

the third release of our
M O U N T A I N series is an indoor sativa that is easy to grow that we call D 3 N A L I

averaging about 3 feet in height and resistant to botrytis, this seed line is great for the home grower, flowering within 56-75 days

(genetic heritage: super silver haze, lemon skunk - f6)

D 3 N A L I

with a fragrant lemon pepper aroma from limonene and caryophyllene terpenes and average THC content of 20%,
D 3 N A L I is sure to be a favourite in your garden
plan for ways to support your crop of
D 3 N A L I, as the yield can sometimes become too heavy for the plant

K 4 I L A S H

the fourth release of our M O U N T A I N series from erbaceous™ is an outdoor hybrid with an incredible aroma

we call this high yielding, mold resistant strain K 4 I L A S H as homage to the crystal topped peak in Tibet

with THC levels of around 25% , CBG at 3% , and CBC over 1%, this unique strain is sure to be a fan favourite

K 4 I L A S H

the terpene profile is composed of limonene, pinene, caryophyllene, myrcene, and ocimene

cultivated outside, this plant can become very large and requires around 63 days in flower to finish

(genetic heritage: blueberry, shoe polish, sour diesel - f6)

E V E R E 5 T

E V E R E 5 T, the fifth release of our M O U N T A I N series is an indoor indica-dominant strain that is sure to be a classic

(genetic heritage: mendocino purps, og kush - f3) 

E V E R E 5 T

the nose is a familiar cannabis skunk aroma as the terpene profile includes caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene, and ocimene

this traditional indica-dominant strain will yield large sticky flowers with 15-25% THC frosted peaks in 8-9 weeks of 12 hour light

how to germinate seed

here is a youtube video (click here) on how to start your journey with our amazing erbaceous cannabis seed from our team at CanGenX™ BioTech

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